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Car Reservation

Q: What are the requirements in order to rent a car from Firefly?

A:  In order to rent a car from Firefly, driver must possess a valid driver’s license for at least a year. For group B, driver must over 21 years old, while for groups D-F driver must be at least 25 years old.


Q: Is it possible to have an additional driver?

Α:  You can add an extra driver on your rental agreement, either before or during your rental period. Each additional driver should have a valid driver’s license and meet the age requirements. For each additional driver you’ll be charged €5+VAT/day.

Any drivers not included in the rental agreement, are not allowed to drive the car.


Q: How can I change my reservation? Is there a charge?

Α: You can alter your reservation by using the “Modify/Cancel Reservation” field of the reservation box, in the homepage. You are allowed to change your reservation up to three (3) times. Please notice that changes in your reservation shall mean a new calculation of your rental rate, depending on car availability and the actual rates at that time.


Q: How can I cancel my reservation? Is there a charge?

A: You can cancel your reservation by using “Modify/Cancel Reservation” field of the reservation box, in the homepage. If you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your pick-up date and time, you will be refunded the whole amount of your reservation. Alternatively, you will be refunded the reservation amount, minus a late cancellation fee of €30+VAT.


Q: What if I do not pick-up my car in the specified time, provided during my reservation?

A: In case you do not pick-up the car at the specified pick-up time you provided during your reservation process, without any prior written notice, Firefly has the right to cancel your reservation, and apply a no-show fee of €40+VAT.

In that case, you will be refunded the reservation prepaid rate, minus the no-show fee.


Q: Can I return my car on a different Firefly location from the one I picked it up?

A: No. The car must be returned to the initial pick-up location.


Q: What happens if I return the car earlier/later?

A: In case you return the car earlier than the specified drop-off date and time, please note that there will be no refund.

In case you return the car later than the specified drop-off time and date, please note that there will be a grace period of 29 minutes. In case you do not return the car within this period, you will be charged a full day of rental, at the current rate.  


Car Reservation Payment

Q: How can I pay for my car reservation?

Α:  You can pay for your car rental byusing a valid credit or debit card, and the driver has to be the cardholder. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Prepaid cards are not allowed.

Please note that in case payment is made through a debit card, the driver must present a valid credit card.


Q: Can I use a credit card that displays another name?

A: No. During the pick-up of the car the cardholder, whose card was used to make the online reservation must be present, as he/she will be displayed as the driver (or additional driver) of the car.



Q: If I accept the CDW or the SCDW am I covered for any loss that may arise?

A: No, there are exceptions for damages which are not covered by any insurance. Such cases are single damages to the lower part of the vehicle, wheels and tires. as well as damages due to driving on an improper road surface, towing another vehicle, transfer of explosives, rallying, etc.


Q: Does my reservation include road assistance?

A: We offer a 24hour road assistance for a €5/rental, that you could purchase during the pick-up of your car. Alternatively, in case you need road assistance during the car rental period, we shall provide the service for a one-off charge of €25+VAT, paid locally.

Please contact Mondial Assistance (24hrs service, tel: +30 210 9988135).


Car Use

Q: Is car towing allowed?

A: No. It is against the rental agreement to use your car to tow another car.


Q: May I remove the seats from the car?

Α: No, it is not allowed to remove the seats from the car.


Q: Can I drive my hired car off road;

Α: No, it’s not allowed to drive your car off road.


You have additional questions or need further help? Please contact us at info@fireflycarrental.gr